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\3 Biodiversity 

Journal of the Arnold Arboretum. 

Cambridge, Mass. :Arnold Arboretum, Harvard University [etc.],1919- 

v.7-8 (1 926-1 927): 

Page(s): Page 7 

Contributed by: Missouri Botanical Garden, Peter H. Raven Library 
Sponsored by: Missouri Botanical Garden 

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This page intentionally left blank. 


Castanea pumila 
Page 233, line 24 and 25, omit: , and through Arkansas to eastern Okla- 
homa and southwestern Missouri 
line 27, after Texas, add: In Arkansas, southern Missouri and 
eastern Oklahoma replaced by C\ ozarkensis Ashe. 


Page 238, line 29, for Quereus Rofaur read Quereus robur 

Quercus borealis 
Page 241, line 23, after Michx. insert f- 

Quercus borealis var. maxima 
Page 243, line 5, for 3000 read 4000 

line 16, for Porterii read Porteri 

line 19, after Ohio add: and Dumas, Clark County, Missouri 

Quercus Shumardii van Schneckii 
Page 245, line 6, after Kentucky insert: , Illinois (Wabash and Pope 

Counties), Indiana (Wells, Clark, Jennings, Galen and Posey 
Counties), and Ohio (Franklin and Gallia Counties) 

Quercus coccinea 
Page 248, line 10, after forest, add: The var. iuberculata from southern 

Massachusetts to Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Indiana, 
southern Illinois and Missouri, 
line 13, for illicifolia read ilicifolia 

Quercus palustris 
Page 249, line 9 from bottom, for on the coast plain south of the Hudson 

River read in the green sand belt of New Jersey and Delaware 

Quercus georgiana 
Page 250, line 18, for a few other granite hills below the Yellow and Oconee 

rivers in the region south and east read a few other granite 
or sandstone hills north and southwest 

Quercus velutina 

Page 251, line 17 from bottom, after Pine belt add: ; southward often with 

a more crooked stem and rougher bark (R. M. Harper). 

Quercus Catesbaei 

Page 254, line 1,/or Creek read River 

line 4, for in the flat woods read in dry sandy uplands 

line 5, for Lake Istokpoga read near Fort Ogden 

line 6, after County insert: ; in Georgia inland over the coastal 

plain to the Pine Mountains, and in Alabama to Tuscaloosa 

County (R, M. Harper) 

Quercus Ashei 
Page 254, line 11, for Charleton read Charlton